MailRush Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49.00


MailRush Review: is an email marketing software that helps businesses create, automate, and manage targeted campaigns to acquire and connect with prospects. Sales professionals can import multiple contacts, conduct A/B testing on templates, track the delivery metrics of emails, and monitor the status of ongoing campaigns. With a drag-and-drop interface, users can create customizable email templates and design flow diagrams for event-based email automation.We help businesses integrating Email Marketing channel for customer base growth. We do this by automating best practices for sending Email Marketing and by providing effective tools and metrics for long term outreach campaigns.

The growth of your business depends on a steady stream of prospects. Stream Cold Email campaigns into your grow path with MailRush’s Email Automation.

Control your sending reputation with a dedicated IP. Maximize effectiveness by bundling multiple dedicated IP accounts. This means that you will not need external email accounts for sending your cold email campaigns.

We automate your campaigns to avoid impacting negatively recipient servers by using email marketing best practices protecting the reputation of your domain and IP address.

Start testing our Email Marketing Campaign Software with a free 1000 Email credit and unlimited subscribers. Start sending in minutes with one of the best email campaign tools.

Buy Lifetime Deal for $49.00 Features

Email Marketing

A/B Testing
CAN SPAM Compliance
Customer Surveys
Drip Campaigns
Dynamic Content
Event Triggered Email
Image Library
Landing Pages/Web Forms
List Management
Mobile Optimized Emails
Subscriber Management
Template Management
WYSIWYG Email Editor 

But cold outreach email campaigns and warming up contacts is a complicated process that not every email provider is equipped to handle. A new kind of email service provider is up to the task, with a focus on maximizing cold emails and customer base growth.

Create cold email campaigns to engage your ideal customers with automated workflows, templates, and advanced tracking

Alternative to: Mailshake and GMass

Send your cold email marketing campaigns to an unlimited number of contacts at no additional cost MailRush gives you the tools you need to create, send, and track automated campaigns.

To get started, head to the campaigns dashboard where you can create a new campaign or manage ongoing campaigns, all from one convenient place. Build event-based email automations in just minutes when you use MailRush’s drag-and-drop tool to build email automation workflows.

The automation will automatically stop if you get a reply or any other email event that you want to track—like a click—occurs. Just like coworkers you need a favor from, leads are more likely to pay attention to what you’re saying if you know their name.

Get Appsumo in the Deal for $49.00

MailRush makes personalizing email copy simple with the ability to add the lead’s name, location, company, and more to the email with the click of a button. Customize your HTML-based emails using a drag-and-drop email template builder to create templates with multi-media and different design elements.

You can include videos and images in your emails to grab your lead’s attention and make the message feel more personal. Use a brightly colored button to draw attention to your call-to-action and make it easier than ever to schedule a call or book a session with you.

MailRush makes it possible to boost and nurture cold leads with outreach campaigns that you can automate and track with ease.

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