How to manage app specific passwords with iCloud


With the recent controversies regarding celebrity photos leak, Apple woke up and tightened security around iCloud. Apple has introduced an new feature in iCloud security, which makes the use of app-specific passwords. One desires to keep his/her apps might be messaging, financial or any other apps secured and few of them support two-step verification and other don’t.

You can secure your apps with Apple’s app-specific password which can link up to your iCloud account. This assures that your primary Apple ID and Password isn’t stored by other apps and can’t steal information from your apps.

How to manage app specific passwords with iCloud

  • Visit site and here sign in using your Apple ID to access iCloud.
  • Authenticate your user identity with two-step identification when asked to proceed.
  • After logging in, you will find password&security on the left hand side and click on it.
  • Click on Generate an app specific password.
  • Give a name to the app-specific password that was generated and click generate – use service name to store the password so that it can find it easily later.
  • Now copy the password that was generated on to your PC’s clipboard and then go back to the app you are using. You can enter the app using this generated password instead of using original iCloud password.

Generation of app specific password on iCloud is quite similar to using app specific passwords through Google. You can generate up to 25 app specific passwords at a time and can rescind access anytime through Apple ID.

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