Marble Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Marble Review: Marble allows you to create courses in a branded academy for marketing, customer training, onboarding, and other educational purposes. On the flip side, the last thing potential students want to do is create yet another account and remember another password.

Marble offers all the tools you need to build your online academy and courses in just 10 minutes. With point-and-click functionality, the creation process is quick and easy, allowing you to share your course with others through the link or email—no registration required.

Buy Appsumo Marble Lifetime Deal for $69.00


quite blessed with design skills? Marble makes it easy to create a branded academy with a theme that fits your brand perfectly—without requiring any design or coding talent.

The course background is branded, creating an immersive learning environment that offers a seamless transition from your branded content to the course. Marble also takes a micro-learning approach, giving you the tools you need to cultivate bite-sized learning experiences that avoid information overload.

Marble helps you monitor each user’s progress and analyze your lessons based on the user’s feedback and engagement with the content. Get advanced insights into learning progress by tracking the amount of time every user spent on each lesson.

Trying to figure out complicated online course platforms isn’t just hard on you—it’s also a pain for your audience. With Marble, you can easily build your own branded academy and strengthen your relationships with customers by creating a simple, straightforward learning experience.

Get Appsumo Marble in the Deal for $69.00

Marble Features Plans 

    • Email and link invites

    • Ability to embed widgets

    • Public, restricted, and hidden courses

    • Quizzes and certificates

    • Custom domain and CSS

    • Groups

    • Multiple languages

    • User profiles

    • Ability to clone lessons

    • Micro-learning and bite-sized course creator

    • Course collaborators

    • Integrations

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