Microsoft to add new features to office for iOS in March


If you are an office user, you will be happy to know that there’s a lot coming from Microsoft’s apps package this month. Both Android and iOS users will be getting quite a lot of new features at some point In March.

For present time, these features are only available for office insiders only,but they will release to everyone very soon. Some of the new features requires office 365 subscriptions, but most of them don’t, so let’s have a look what’s new coming to office for Android and iOS in March.

On iOS devices, you will now be able to set mobile view as your default view to make the text of your document fit the screen. Another important  improvement is the addition of more RSVP options, which are now available for both Android and iOS users.

The iOS version of word is getting the ability to read your documents aloud, highlighting text as it’s read. Also, PowerPoint for iOS gains the so called Segment Eraser, a new feature that allows iOS users to remove excess link.

Another feature is the ability to see where others are working on your documents. Basically, you can see what content they have selected as they edit, so you won’t both work on the same text simultaneously. This feature will be added to Excel app on both Android and iOS platforms.

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