Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard to support iOS soon


Soon the users of iOS will be able to get one of the best keyboards and also on the other platforms like Android too. As it was confirmed that Microsoft is working hard on bringing its virtual Word Flow keyboard of Windows Phone, also found now in Windows 10 Mobile to iOS. Word Flow keyboard was actually introduced by Microsoft inside Windows Phone 8.1, and it works pretty great. Details on when it will available on your mobile devices other than Windows Phone’s can be grabbed right after this fold.

Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard to support iOS

Microsoft is one software giant proud of certain components and services that are integrated to further enhance the experience across desktop and mobile. Recently with the interaction with Cortana brought into iOS as part of such belief, and today, it took a whole of the company’s famed Word Flow keyboard that seems to get the same treatment with an iOS variant in testing.

Word Flow for iOS devices would be yet another step in Microsoft’s plan to push some of its key apps and technologies into platforms other than Windows. Released Office Mobile for Google and Apple’s iOS ecosystem. Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant and its Outlook app for email, already been ported into iOS platform and this time around wasting no time looking forward to giving its most popular Word Flow keyboard. For owners of an iPhone or iPad, which are two devices pretty much dominate the smartphone and tablet markets are now able to benefit and interact with both Microsoft’s eminent services.

The Microsoft’s email also confirms that the company is “working on extending this keyboard to other platforms, starting with iOS”. Before publicly releasing this keyboard to the App Store, we’d love to give Insiders like you a preview. With your feedback, we’ll build a roadmap of improvements to the keyboard over time, the email reads in part.

In order to join the test, Windows Insiders simply need to send an email with the subject line that “I want in!” to a specific email address. How to use it and what actually Word Flow for iOS beta requires? You will need to have an iPhone 5s or newer device running iOS 9 or later. iOS 8 still supports third-party keyboards, so you’ll likely need to be fairly up to date.

The email clearly confirms that Microsoft is really planning on a wider port than just bringing this experience flow to iOS, and it looks like the Redmond-based company will soon be getting to grips with and utilizing Apple’s 3rd-party keyboard frameworks to build and release the Word Flow keyboard experience for iOS. For Android release, it’s highly likely that it will follow hot on the heels.

Public release of Word Flow keyboard on iOS and Android won’t be far behind this announcement by Microsoft. Right now this keyboard is only available on Windows Phones and the Microsoft Band and soon be able to grab it and experience on both the platforms iOS and Android.

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