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How to migrate from your old iPhone to new iPhone

Here is a small tutorial to transfer all your data from your old iPhone to new iPhone with all the settings and apps intact.

We all love our new phones, due to its upgraded hardware, design and more and more value-added features. However, switching from an old Apple iPhone to new iPhone is a headache, as we have more than 20 apps with data saved on the native device. This tutorial should help you to swap between two iPhones easily.

Here are the steps to follow to make your new phone to have your customized settings as that of your old iPhone.

  • If you are using an Apple watch, then unpair the same in the settings. To unpair, an Apple watch, Go to Apple watch app on your iPhone. Head towards my watch tab and switch the toggle on the top right corner. The listings show all the watches paired with the iPhone. Press small “i” icon to unpair you Apple watch.
  • After unpairing your Apple watch, then take out the SIM card from the older iPhone and insert it on the new iPhone.
  • Bring the two devices together.
  • Turn on your new iPhone, then you will see a popup asking for your Apple ID, enter the same Apple ID as that of your old iPhone.
  • There will be an animation popup on the new iPhone. The device will ask for a passcode and enter your old passcode.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to set Face ID or Touch ID (depending on the iPhone model).
  • The new iPhone will ask for Apple ID password.
  • At this time, the new iPhone will give a choice to restore all the apps, data, and settings from your iCloud backup.
  • Make sure that, you have connected your iPhone to a faster WiFi network.
  • Keep the two iPhones together to fasten the whole process.
  • Now go to settings > iClouds > Backup and turn on the same.
  • After this, you will be greeted by a Hola message, so, your new iPhone should have all the similar settings as that of your old iPhone.