Mobile Fusion: New app can print 3D pictures from iPhone


The Mobile Fusion is a new application for iOS devices which is coming soon, where users can print 3D pictures from iPhone device. This can be done by using a regular mobile phone, which can capture the actual 3D images of an object or by a human rotating around the object or product. It also takes more or less same amount of time as picture or making short video.

Microsoft is planning to launch this application in the month of September  or October which scans different objects, surfaces and human and replicates in the 3D model. Watch VR, AR and 3D Scanning and seeing the progress made with these 3 dimensional projects, seems very interesting. In this application users can take the scan of any object with high-definition so that anything you can scan can be printed or used in list of programs.

Microsoft encourages the users of this application to scan the things on the vocation or any item or product that you want to sell online then you can show the customer about the product how it really look like.  The researcher and developers of this algorithm created a mechanism that allowed the camera to act as a 3D scanner using a technique of capturing several images that act very similar to how the human eye works. This means you can take a 3G scan of something like a building or any other thing like a tree under a minute with no hassle.

This upcoming application Mobile Fusion is going to be unveiled in the month of October, but it’s not officially announced by the company. If you want to know the information about this application then simply visit the website which provides you all the additional information.

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