Did Moby help Apple create first iPad? More into his claims


The life of Moby is pretty absurd as it is. An animal rights activist, proclaimed vegan, alcoholic party-goer and a musician with 15 albums underneath his belt, he has sold over 20 million records worldwide and is known to be quiet wacky in his ways. The reincarnation of Ozzy Osbourne, if you will.

He grew up poor in Connecticut before meeting the likes of David Bowie and the Guns N’ Roses. His first taste of fame was in the 1990’s when he started producing electronic dance music. Fast forward to his fifth album and he had become an unexpected  international success. What is more famous than Moby himself is probably Moby’s outlandish claims. Famous for his ludicrous statements, Moby has claimed that he has dated Ivanka Trump, that Michael Jackson stole songs from Donna Summer, claiming his greatest musical innovation was everything he has produced. Mobi claimed that his CIA friends were trying him to use his greater social media following to spread rumours about Donald Trump in his alleged collision with Russia during the election. Perhaps if the CIA had done their research better, they would have opted for Kylie Jenner considering the wave she is creating with one tweet about Snapchat.

Confidence is definitely not something Moby lacks. Common sense? Maybe

Of course, no evidence has been provided to back his claims.

An oft-forgotten “fact” about Moby is that he actually created the iPhone back in the day, or came up with the concept at least. When iTunes launched, Apple was in need of an MP3 player which obviously ended with the Apple design team sitting in a hotel room with Moby and in his hand- the prototype of the iPod. Moby looked at it once, saw the future and claimed that one day it will have a camera and a phone. Allegedly his claim was laughed at. But then Steve Jobs decided to actually get inspired thanks to Moby. So step aside, Tim Cook, looks like we have someone else to thank. Steve Jobs also sent him an iPod because ‘he wanted him to have it’. Moby was also the reason Apple kept trying as he claims that after the Newton device failure, he motivated the Apple design team to keep trying.

So, maybe we should all download a couple of his albums, considering we may be listening to them thanks to him.

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