Moog release new Minimoog Model D iOS app


Moog have released an official minimoog model D iOS app. The minimoog was the first ever portable synth released originally in 1970 and has been ported to iOS with some extra Features including four note polyphony, 160 presets, an arpeggiator and effects like ping pong delay and modulation effects. Given the nature of iOS, there’s also integrated MIDI control, iCloud Backup, abletion link and inter app audio support.

Moog have also introduced a shop front to purchase thousands of more presets through the app. It’s not the first minimoog clone to make its way to iOS, but it’s only official one following on from Moogs model 15, Animoog, filtration apps. Moog have been in news recently, following Behringer’s hardware clone and Moogs Re releasing their own legendary the IIIP.

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