Motion game Bowling Center got updated to version 2.0


Bowling center is a motion game which puts bowling on your Apple TV. Now this game got updated to version 2.0 and the game is now free. This new version added local multiplayer and letting you play with friends on one Televison. The update brings new levels, power ups and many more. In this article let us discuss what are the changes took place in this application with this update.


What’s new in version 2.0:

  • 45 brand new levels.
  • New local multiplayer mode.
  • The two power ups Freeze and Bumpers are added.
  • All the minor bugs which are in the previous version are fixed.

The developers of this application also stated that they are in a plan to extend this game to Apple Watch. The release of that should coincide with the launch of Apple Watch OS 2 which is releasing next year. Currently the game Bowling Central 2.0 is available at the App Store for free, interested candidates can grab this application from App Store.

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