How to mount Amazon S3 Cloud Drive on Mac finder


Cloud storage has become very important medium to store all your files and many people using at least one of the cloud services. Coming to the Mac users there are lot of cloud storage options available such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and more which comes with a native app which let you to sync your files from Finder. Apple has made it very simple on the Yosemite platform to sync with iCloud drive.

If you are using Amazon’s S3 cloud service to backup your files then it doesn’t integrate comfortably with the Mac’s Finder. For this, you need to use third party application to synchronise, download or upload files to S3. Let us see here how to mount Amazon S3 drive on Mac Finder.

Mount Amazon S3 on Mac with ExpanDrive

The name itself implies that it expands its hard-drive to support cloud storage and also supports different cloud storage services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive and others. It is different from other cloud apps which functions as only file transfer tool. It also integrates with the Finder like the regular USB drive connected to your Mac.


Download ExpanDrive and after installing you will see an icon in the menu bar. If you click on it, it will show all the cloud storage services that it supports. Click on Amazon S3 and enter Access KEY ID and secret access key and click on ‘more options’ and check the option reconnect at login. Click on connect and you will find Amazon S3 in Finder.

Mount Amazon S3 on Mac with transmit

Transmit is the another file transfer application for FTP, SFTP server, WebDav and Amazon S3. It comes with the lesser disk which can mount Amazon S3 on Mac Finder and it works even in the case transmit is not working.


  • Download Transmit from here and install on your Mac. Select S3 on the right panel and enter Access key and secret Access ID.
  • Click on Mount as Disk button. That’s it, now Amazon S3 will be displayed in the Finder. It just appears like an external drive in the computer directory.

These are a couple of ways using which any mac user can mount Amazon S3 on the finder and can use S3 drive as a local drive, without much hassle. Let me know if you have some issues in setting up Amazon S3 drive to work with your Mac and I will try my best to help you out with the setup.

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