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MoviePass app tracks user location after users leave theaters, CEO says

MoviePass, the app that allows you to watch a movie in theatre each day for the low price $10 per month. Is unsurprisingly planning to use your location data to make money.

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe, recently told an audience at a Hollywood event that MoviePass is collecting and monetizing through location information.

“We get an enormous amount of information. We watch how you drive from home to the movies. We watch where you go afterwards.” said Lowe.

MoviePass which is owned by a data analytics firms has made no secret of the fact that it plans to use data generated from subscribers to make money. There are dozens of business like ours that invest in building a large subscriber base” Lowe told.

While MoviePass has been transparent about how it plans to make money, most people are likely not aware of the extent of the data, the company collects.

MoviePass privacy policy Says that the app requires access to location when selecting a theatre and that it makes a single request for location coordinates. There’s no mention of ongoing tracking, so that’s not clear if this is something the MoviePass app is doing on the sly, if such tracking has yet to be implemented or if the CEO’s comments are exaggeratory.

With tickets prices that often exceed $10 in certain areas for a single movie, MoviePass is a solid deal, if you don’t mind sacrificing your privacy for cheaper movies.

As of January 2018, MoviePass had 1.5 million subscribers.

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