Neuman Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Neuman Review: Build tools with blocks. Table block is out and we’ll have kanbans, graphs, gantts and much more!

It is simple to start and super-extensible. You start with a simple database that can store 100K records ( way more than Airtable ) and then extend its capabilities with child-tables (tables within a record), super-customizable access controls, Inter-table linking, files and much more.

Buy Neuman Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Neuman Review

Want to integrate Neuman into your process flow? use our Zapier integration or our API integration to build complex workflows.

Oh, and we’re adding…
Kanban boards
Graphs and charts
App store (done!)
Easy backup and restore
Scheduled Tasks
…and more in the coming months

How are we different from StackBy, Airtable, KPI Bees, Syncspider?
We’re trying to get people production quality apps that are buildable by the “admin”. We want the end product to be more than just better spreadsheets. We want it to be better software.

Get Appsumo Neuman in the Deal for $69.00

Neuman Features

        • 16 different data types

        • 5GB of storage per user

        • Up to 100000 rows of storage

        • API access

        • Lifetime access for 5 users

        • Unlimited number of apps

        • All apps for no charge on app-store (post launch)

        • Support from experienced developers

        • Complete access to all upcoming features

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