New Airpod cases could be similar to iPod Nano


The Apple Airpods already allows the users to access Siri by tapping them. It’s not long before Siri could be accessed just by saying “Hey Siri” to the Airpods. The next generation of Airpods might just do that. Recently, a patent filed by Apple suggests that the Airpods’ case could be used as a portable media player. They would be like the iPod Nano.

The feature is being implemented on the next generation of Airpods which are codenamed B288. The “Hey Siri” won’t be the only feature that the new Airpods will possess. They will also come with an updated, Apple-designed chip for handling Bluetooth connections. The new Airpods might use the w2 chip currently used in the latest Apple watch or probably a completely new chip

The new generation of Airpods may come later this year. It seems that Apple is planning to update the Airpods quite frequently as there are plans for a future model that will be water resistant. This future model might get released in the year 2019.

The patent filed by Apple suggests that the Airpods case can be used as a portable playback device in the near future. The company has devised a case that has built-in storage and playback controls, plus the ability to play audio through its charging port. A similar technology exists in the Bragi Dash Pro. The case paired with the Apple Music and the rumored sweatproof airpods will eliminate the need for carrying a phone while running or exercising.

According to the patents, a pair of other filings suggest that we could see a refreshed design for its wireless buds — if not in the next generation, then in the water-resistant future model. A patent image shows a pair of airpods that more closely resembles competitors like Jabra’s Elite 65t and Bragi’s The Headphone. The patents also mention the addition of other sensors, such as biometrics, accelerometers, and a pulse oximeter which means the new Airpods will be designed with fitness in mind.

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