New business models and trailblazers changing the face of private aviation, JetSmarter and JetSuite leading the pack


Flying in private jets is steadily becoming cheaper and easier with aviation companies adopting revolutionary business models and applying game-changing concepts. New startups offering attractive packages are redefining the aviation sector. Helping the same, flyers are trying hard not to take the usual commercial flights, thanks to rude flight attendants and poor services.

Luxury is the selling point here. JetSuite offers a comfortable ride within the USA, fixed with a regal menu and plenty of space to spread your legs. Flyers are not heckled with unnecessary security screenings, followed with rigorous airline protocols. Surprisingly, JetSuite’s booking price starts with $129. Surf Air has a bigger fleet and an all-you-can-fly package starting with $1,950.       

One important development in the aviation sector is that a private jet is a screen-tap away. Companies like JetSmarter, Victor, and Surf Air boast dedicated apps that give customers a guided itinerary and a means to speedily book luxury flights on preferred membership plans.

A good example of the above is JetSmarter’s app. The black interface features 4 options, the most important of which, is ‘Empty Legs’. Customers can book prompt flights on a plane returning from its destination or plan to book an entire private jet. The app features different jets with varying capacity after you choose source and destination. A separate window for customer care has also made dealing with booking problems easy. 

JetSmarter is also famous for its business plan that enables the use of charter jets lying immobile in the hangars. These jets only fly half of the time they are supposed to. JetSmarter also offers varied options, compared to its competitors. The company gives out two free shared flights if the bookings are made in advance. That’s not all, customers can hire JetSmarter’s concierge services once they step out of the plane. 

As private aviation is becoming cheaper by the dozen, analysts predict that in the next 10 years, people will be able to hail private jets like a taxi, minus the bumpy ride. However, this comes with the condition that aviation startups like JetSuite, JetSmarter, Victor, and Surf Air keep their good services continuous over the next 10 years.

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