Apple to launch new iPhone model with USB Type-C port?


Apple might be planning to transition its iOS devices to USB-C connectivity later this year. There are rumors about Apple shipping a Lightning -> USB-C cable and a new 18W charger, rendered here. This means that the new iPhone buyers will be using USB-C for charging with a cable. This will also provide the ability to use the fast charging offered by the Type-C without the need for additional accessories.

According to a Digitimes report, Apple might add Type-C port to the iPhones itself. This will be a huge change and will bring an end to the Apple proprietary lightning cable. It will come to an end after being the primary option to charge the iOS devices for past seven years.

The iPhones started coming with the lightning ports in 2012 with the introduction of the iPhone 5. Prior to that, all the iPhones came with iPod’s 30-pin dock connector. The introduction of lightning cable was a controversial decision and a large ecosystem of docks and accessories became incompatible with the newer devices.

The shift from lightning to Type-C wouldn’t be as tough as that from 30 pin connector. This is because of the number of accessories that depend on lightning is far less than the 30 pin connector. This along with the fact that a lot of accessories made for Type-C were being used with dongles already will mean the change will be more than welcome.

Apple has already started to use Type on the Macs and it will bring the Apple ecosystem even closer. There is big potential for USB-C on iPad too, enabling it to become more of a fully-fledged PC replacement.

As of now, all the three upcoming iPhones and the iPads will come bundled with an 18W USB-C charger. The customers can now charge their devices at maximum speed without having to buy additional accessories.


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