New iPhone X to have 4GB RAM?


Geekbench a benchmarking platform shows result of a phone tested last week with an ARM processor which has A11 Bionic chip’s similar characteristics. As reported by Consomac, atleast one 2018 iPhone model would see speed improvements at a minor level.

Listed as iPhone 11.2 with RAM increased from 2815 MB (3 GB) to 3748 MB (4 GB) and L1 instruction cache along with data cache had an increase from 32 KB to 128 KB.

iphone X vs iphone 11,2

Comparing between single-core and multi-core for iPhone X and iPhone 11.2, iPhone 11.2 has 10% speed boost in single-core and 5% speed boost in multi-core.

However, the iPhone 11.2 model identifier could be the lower-end LCD iPhone for 2018. The device could use an A11 Bionic chip instead of an A12 chip.

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