New iPhone X model to feature triple lens camera technology?


Apple plans to widen the photography capabilities of the iPhone X keeping it as the key feature.

New triple lens technology was first introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2018 and Huawei P20 Pro was the first smartphone to launch with this feature. Apple is likely to be working on the triple-lens camera for the latest iPhone X, which is to be launched later this year. It will be set as the key feature of the phone, giving major importance to the image quality and ease-of-use. The release will come out with the new iOS 12 powered phablet.

Lets Go Digital and Concept Creator introduced the upcoming iPhone’s visual appearance. This picture gives an idea of how the may look in appearance. The placement of the flash is not yet decided and can may be put to the right of the cameras.

iphone 2019 camera

Huawei P20 Pro already released a triple lens system camera. With a primary camera, a telephoto lens and a monochrome camera, the phone offers improved performance in low light, higher detailing in the pictures, and a 3x optical zoom option.

Based on the specification that Apple chooses, the phone can go for a balanced approach or can go for improved detail, low light performance and a higher optical zooming.

The triple lens technology is expected to be released on the largest iPhone of 2018, specially on iPhone X Plus. The cost of the phone is expected to be the highest among all the iPhones of 2018. It is likely to appear along with the updated iPhone X and a low budget version of X that would replace iPhone 8. Apple is expected to launch the phones in the Apple’s traditional event of September.

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