New port brings CarPlay to iphone/ipad without external display


Developer Adam Bell has published a preview of his latest project that attempts to allow CarPlay Apple’s iOS feature usually reserved in Car entertainments systems to run directly on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Bell says in a post that port of CarPlay running on top of SpringBoard is “buggy at the moment,” but published the video and images above and below showing it running on an iPad and iPhone. He also conformed that port is in early stages and said it will be free and open source project.

New port brings CarPlay to iphone/ipad without external display

In addition to iPad developer also shares the screenshot of the port running on iPhone 6. Right now this is limited to a small number of new vehicles from Apple’s initial launch partners as well as via third party installations of head units pioneer.

A project like Bell’s theory could allow to use existing iPad and iPhone mounted on dashboard For CarPlay. It might not be a much cheaper solution than installing a third-party system like Pioneer’s, but most of the CarPlay systems on the market, as Bell notes, have resistive touch screens that make for a sub-par touchscreen experience compared to Apple’s own iOS devices.

Lots of users that already have iOS devices to spare could also get into CarPlay for the price of a dashboard mount rather than being forced to purchase and install a third-party head unit. Finally Bell said that he plans on sharing more on projects and how exactly it works in the near future.


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