NimbleBit releases LetterPad game with Apple Watch support


NimbleBit is an American developer and publisher of iOS and Android Mobile Apps. Some of their popular titles include Pocket Frogs, Tiny Towers and Pocket Planes. It was co-founded by brothers David and Ian Marsh. Now the same company released a New word game name LetterPad.

This LetterPad is a Puzzle game and this game is available for free and supports iOS devices iPhone, iPad as well as Apple Watch.


The game Letterpad all about tasks to the players with finding words related to the given topic, hidden within a group of 9 letters. Let us consider an example, if the topic is Music, you want to uncover words related to that such as radio or jam. Find all the words, and work your way through over 200 puzzles.

There are few things in this game which makes attractive and addictive, this things also makes you to feel different from other word games. For one, you can create and share your own puzzles, and NimbleBit even says it will add community-created content regularly. And two, the game will support Apple Watch play.

As mentioned above this is available for the devices Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad which runs on iOS 8 or later versions. Currently available in Apple App Store and interested candidates can download this game for free of cost.