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Nimbus Note is a comprehensive platform for organizing notes, documents, and projects from multiple sources into a collaborative digital environment.

Nimbus Note is Best for Project managers, marketers, and creative teams looking to organize and collaborate on all their documents and info.

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Welcome to The Future, where our desks aren’t cluttered with bills, junk mail, and half-finished birthday cards we meant to mail months ago.

Nimbus Note

For collaboration, you can quickly manage all workspaces and team members with the Organization Console—plus, every workspace includes an unlimited nested folder structure with tags and favorites.

You’ll have complete control over who accesses these workspaces with flexible permissions, as well as guest accounts, so customers can see just how organized you are.

Click Here to Buy Nimbus Note Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $59

You can also embed widgets and websites like Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs, and Google Drive, with the option to insert bookmarks and code snippets.

Plus, real-time editing also makes collaboration a cinch, and Nimbus Note even works offline to make it the perfect companion anywhere.

Nimbus Note lets you gather all of your information across teams and clients into one platform with nested folders, embeddable files, and easy collaboration.

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