Olloclip releases Connect X lens system exclusively for Apple iPhone X


Olloclip, a company which manufactures growing line of ground-breaking lenses and accessories for the mobile photographers, today announced a brand new mobile lens system that is designed exclusively for Apple’s iPhone X. They’ve decided to call it Connect X.

The company, quoting about the latest release informed that the new Connect X lens system contains many of the fantastic features of previous Olloclip accessories. Connect X contains interchangeable lenses which assist users in every possible environment and adapt accordingly for better photos. With the lens, iPhone X owners can enhance their field-of-view and shoot “wider and closer” than the iPhone’s built-in camera.

The company has released six lens variants for the iPhone X, namely.

Super-Wide: Four-element lens with more than 120° visibility.
Ultra-Wide: A 155° action camera field-of-view.
Fisheye + Macro 15x: Unique 180° wide-angle spherical effect + 15x increased magnification.
Telephoto: 2x optical zoom to get twice as close to the action.
Macro 14x + 7x: Get detail oriented and see beyond the naked eye.
Macro 21x: Go in for the ultimate close-up.

The new ConnectX boxes new interesting features exclusively for iPhone X. it has a system that allows for Olloclip to be screen protector compatible, as well as align with both the iPhone X’s front and rear cameras. There’s also a pendant stand designed to carry the set. The system also includes pocket-sized tripod which obviously can hold the phone for stable shots.

With a surprise for iPhone X users, Olloclip didn’t forget its older customers. They announced update to the previous Olloclip accessories for the iPhone 7/8 and 7/8 Plus. The new products have a lower price point, interchangeable lenses, multi-element optics, and the ability for users to reach the front and rear cameras by quickly flipping the lens system. These also were released in six different sets as the iPhone X. Six lenses are individually available: Super-Wide, Fisheye + Macro 15x, Telephoto 2x, Ultra-Wide, Macro 14x + 7x, and Macro 21x.

Both the iPhone X and iPhone 7/8/Plus accessories are available to purchase now on Let the photographer in you breathe a little freely.

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