One Apple device will let you charge another device wirelessly in future


On Thursday, a patent application was published which had written in it the ways one device could charge another by their remaining charge. This report was named “Inductive charging between electronic devices”. According to this, you could charge one device with another’s remaining battery. If you have an iPhone and an iPad and iPhone’s battery is getting low. Then you can charge your iPhone’s battery wirelessly from the iPad.

So, if you possess more than one device of Apple and one of your device’s battery is low then you can use the unused battery of the other device and get your main device charged. This will eliminate the need to carry a charger everywhere you go.

Inductive coils are the main material that will be used in the process. These coils are also used in the wireless charging.

Apple applies for a large number of patents on a regular basis. The publication of any applications or granted patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is not a guarantee that the concepts described will make it to the consumer device, if at all. The “Inductive charging between electronic devices” patent application was filed on March 19 and is a continuation of an earlier similarly-titled patent application from June 2015.

If Apple wants to add this feature to its devices then it will have to introduce slight change in the hardware. As the hardware needed to put this feature is not already in the iPhones.

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