Saas MANTRA Lifetime: OneSimpleApi Lifetime Deal for $39.00


OneSimpleApi Saas MANTRA: As the name states it’s just one API that helps you save time & save time and money with a toolbox with all the things you need to get your no-code project to success. Generate API tokens from your account and define the purpose of the token.For instance to validate the emails before sending your next email campaign then choose the Email Validation as your purpose of the API token.

With the help of APIs you can build little tools on your website & collect leads every time your visitors try accessing the tool.Or you could build your own SaaS product(s) with the API tokens.And with the integromat N8N & Zapier integrations. you can integrate the API tokens with your favorite tools to automate your everyday workflows.

Click Here to Buy OneSimpleApi Lifetime Deal for $39.00

OneSimpleApi Saas MANTRA

you can validate your emails & move them from one segment to another.Retrieving the website for SEO data and having them all organized in your Airtable/Notion is never gonna be easier than this. Generate unique QR codes to collect payments while you are focusing on getting more signups for your event with the QR Code API.

Click Here to Buy OneSimpleApi Lifetime Deal for $39.00

To verify the email address into the Airtable record flow you can simply drag-drop the API inside the flow; and map the field for fetching the information such as Title Email Id First Name etc. according to the task you want to perform.

You can do the same with Zapier with any of these tools viz Email Validation QR Code Webpage & Image Information PDF Creation Screenshots Expand Shortened URL Normally you would pay $239/yr for OneSimpleApi’s Indie plan Today you can get the same plan with 500 requests per hour & 5,000 requests per month for just $39/lifetime.

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