New port brings CarPlay to iphone/ipad without external display

dam Bell has published preview of his project that attempts to allow CarPlay Apple's iOS feature usually reserved in Car entertainments systems to run directly on iOS devices

How to Fix Yosemite Save sheet growing too long to handle

Yosemite brings a new host of features and functionality to OS X and even some problems as well and more irritating issue is causing save screen to grown longer

How to re-download apps and games on iOS

This guide provide you the information about how to re-download apps or games on your iPhone or iPad. simply follow the steps given here

Screeny an iOS app : Easier way to delete screenshots

Screeny is a new application and the purpose of this utility app is to save space consumed by the screenshots and helps you to filter and delete the screen shots
Apple Watch landing page updated with more details

Apple Watch landing page updated with more features

Apple watch updated the landing page with more details like features of the device where company is making up the final out put and soon we will get the release data