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Phones4U liquidating Apple products in UK

The liquidation of phones4U is handling by the UK auction house John Pye, this auction includes more than 6 lakhs items which worth around £10.8. iPhone, iPad and Beats headphones are the items items in this auction

Confero : New jailbreak tweak

Confero is a new jail break tweak which is used to clean up the iphone's spring board by deleting the red notifications badges that sits in right hand corner of the apps which has notifications pending

How to monitor network connections on Mac

You don't generally use monitor for network connections on Mac, but it may be useful in some situations and it not difficult too. It...

Apple faces lawsuit over impact on iOS 8 device storage space

Apple is facing some case alleging it doesn't inform its to users how much storage iOS 8 takes up on their device and ask customers to buy more space on iCloud.

How to hide preference pane icons in OS X

System preferences is the most important component of OS X which allow you to control various action including internet, hardware and all other settings....

Apple’s start something new campaign on its website

Apple has launched new campaign on its website "Start something New" to inspire you and create Apple products with apps featured Brush 3, VSCO cam and Apple's own imovie

How to fix a Mac stuck in Expose view

OS X has lot of productive features, out of them Mission Control and Launchpad are two main exclusive features of OS X. Mission Control...

How to enable/disable auto app updates on iOS8

This feature auto app updates with default enable to update automatically in the background, with this feature no need to check and upgrade the software or applications since 2007