PDF Office new app available on App store for iPad


PDF Office app got released on December 10th for the Apple iPad users and this PDF Office app is very much essential for business users, that brings you to create and edit the files. With this app there are many advantages as you can download and Upload the PDF files to online storage’s like iCloud Drive, Drop Box, and Google Drives.


As I mentioned above there are many advantages in this app, lets us discuss them :

  • Users can do all the things in iPad with the help of this app, what all you have done by using the PCs or laptops
  • This app will be useful to create and fill the business forms, reports and many other things.
  • Even you can share the created PDF files or Document to the iCloud Drive, Google Drives and Drop Box.
  • For making any paper work in your office you can use this PDF Office app.
  • Existence files like MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad or even a web page and picture files can be converted to PDF documents by using this PDF Office.
  • Files can be scanned by using iPad and those files can be converted to PDF document within fraction of time.
  • The scanned files can be made interactive PDF form’s with automatic form fields detection.

Now, this application is available for free of cost on App Store for short-term basis whereas it charges $4.99 per month and $39.99 per year. If you installed the PDF expert 5 with in one to seven days then you can use this app for one year without paying any bucks.

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