Why are people downgrading iOS 8


iOS 8 has been available since 3 weeks now. In the meantime, people have had mixed feelings for the newest version of iOS which was termed as the best iOS ever.

In a report launched late last week, Apple stated that people are actually downgrading from iOS 8 and others are pretty happy using the earlier version of iOS. In the official report, only 47% of the total iPhone users were using iOS 8 at that point of time, which also included the iPhone 6 users who have iOS 8 pre built.

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In the same 3 weeks period after the iOS 7 was launched, more than 75% of the total iPhone users had downloaded it, which shows that iOS 8 has not been so exiting for the users if the statistics are to be considered.

When the team at The iBulletin tried to find out the reason, it was pretty clear that the iPhone users want to stay away from any bugs and errors they might get while using iOS 8. iOS 8 was initially launched with a lot of hopes and expectations, but hours after iOS 8 started to roll out, Apple released an update to it and the update was reportedly slowing down the performance as well as it was blocking calls and data for a lot of users. Well, Apple had solved that problem within a day and half, but by then, many users had downgraded back to iOS 7 and they would not want to try it out again till the time iOS 8 is bug free without any hassles and running for at least a few weeks.

That’s all for this, stay tuned for more iOS and Apple related updates. 🙂

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