Online Petition to recall MacBook with defective keyboards reaches over 4600 signatures


A petition was posted on this week which asks Apple to recall MacBook Pro units released since late 2016. The author Matthew Taylor calls a “defective keyboard” the reason behind the petition. The article seeks 5,000 signatures and as of now, more than 4,600 people have signed the petition. It won’t be long before the target of 5,000 signatures is reached.

The petition says,“Apple, it’s time: recall every MacBook Pro released since late 2016, and replace the keyboards on all of them with new, redesigned keyboards that just work,” it further mentions “every one of Apple’s current-gen MacBook Pro models, 13-inch and 15-inch, is sold with a keyboard that can become defective at any moment due to a design failure.”

The problem started back in 2016 with the introduction of the “butterfly” keyboard. Apple pitched the feature as a better technology that used a different function under each key to more accurately handle key presses. The owners have been complaining about the “keys that stick and mistaken double-taps on keys.”

These problems have been posted on the Apple Support forum on Reddit. The Apple watchers and reviewers who have tested the MacBook pro have suggested that the design is flawed. Last month, John Gruber called the keyboard “one of the biggest design screwups in Apple history.”

The petition doesn’t actually mean that Apple will recall the models or issue any statement. It does prove that Apple has a problem regarding the new keyboard design. Along with that it also shows that thousands of customers aren’t happy with their MacBook Pros.

As of now, Apple hasn’t issued any statement regarding this problem.

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