Philips Hue app gets an update that would make it easily usable


The iOS version of Philips app will receive a major boost after the update is rolled out given that it would inculcate itself some of the missing features and certainly the new version would have a few of the new lighting scenes about 30 and the best one is which bring back a feature that lets one turn photos into lighting scenes.

Hue had said that the lightning designers, UX was consulted and they are the one who would prepare the 3.0 update. Being optimistic about ht e new update it is being said that the app would be very easy to use and handle and would surely be quite a match for the mood.

The new upgrade to the app is however not a total refinement but rather the fixing of the bugs and the improvement in the handling and the usage of the application and the users wouldn’t find anything greatly overwhelming with the new upgrades but however the app usage would be smooth and responsive in a better manner.

One of the new features is the long pressing on the tiles to quickly change light colors or select form four of the recently used scenes. The feature is hidden but however once a person learns it is easy t use.

The new version however replaces the full screen color map with a simpler color picker wheel and scenes created from user images.

The App, Philips Hue 3 is hitting the App store and the smart light starter kit which also works with Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa come for around $99.

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