Pigment : Colouring app available for iOS devices


New app is available for iOS devices iPhone and iPad, which is named as Pigment. This app will be helpful for the adults who usually likes to spent time colouring books, experience the same thing with this Pigment app.

This app comes with 200 patterns, designs, different colours and many more. There are several colour palettes to choose from along with Apple pencil and 3D Touch support. Here in this let us discuss in detail about what the features that can be seen in this new app Pigment.

  • Pigment is one and only app for iOS which simulates the pencil and brush stokes to colour the design which makes us feel like realistic.
  • The app comes with eight kinds of colouring tools namely, Coloured pencil, Marker, Paint brush, Fill air brush, Circle brush, linear and radial gradient.
  • Application supports fingers, Apple pencil and any other third party stylus input.
  • There are built-in 200 patterns of designs for colour purpose.
  • App includes unlimited colours using the professionally palettes and innovation shade control.


  • The colour design can be able to share through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, WhatsApp and other social media.
  • Users of the application can be able to create Air print art.
  • For new designs and patterns, users are suggested to subscribe to premium access.

Pigment app is a universal iOS app which is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Right now this application is available on Apple App Store, interested candidates can download this App Store for free of cost.

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