SaaS MANTRA Lifetime: Pirsonal Lifetime Deal for $ 35.00


Pirsonal SaaS MANTRA: Your Pirsonal dashboard welcomes you with the complete statistics of all your campaigns including but not limited to watched hours clicks engagement rate etc.With the built-in templates you can create dynamic email marketing campaigns/landing pages with personalized call-to-action buttons without having to blow off your limited budget.

You can also customize the logo background image calendar and text on the landing page to every single customer.You can also include any interactive forms custom CTAs wherever you want in the video automatically.

Click Here to Buy Pirsonal Lifetime Deal for $ 35.00

Pirsonal SaaS MANTRA

You can upload a video (or) link the video that’s hosted on Amazon S3 by providing the bucket name or use a previously hosted video from Pirsonal account and stream it through the CDN. Click “Save” to get the video uploaded – The videos are played with the “Adaptive Streaming” technology like how it works on YouTube. Pirsonal will automatically adjust the quality of the video based on the internet bandwidth.

Click Here to Buy Pirsonal Lifetime Deal for $ 35.00

Check the preview and Publish the campaign if you’re happy with the first video result Click on the link to monitor the progress of the videos – You can check the actions and reactions here. Similarly you can display dynamic videos – For ex: If the leads are from Zapier you can fetch the video link format text etc. from thousands of videos with a unique id unique landing page.

The Video ID is generated automatically and the details like Name Email Id Company etc. are transferred through webhooks API  Each ID represents a contact in your list. Usually all of the Pirsonal customers pay around $75 per month for the Plus Player plan. Now you can get the same plan with Unlimited Video Hosting Unlimited Embeds Unlimited Plays and 1,000 contacts/month on a lifetime deal for just $29.

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