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RangeFlow Pitchground: RangeFlow offers powerful cold email automation features that make it easy to send personalized bulk emails and follow-ups, track and manage leads, and close sales. It’s tough to know where to start when trying to improve your sales process. You need a tool that is easy to use and doesn’t require any training.

Sales tools are notorious for being difficult to learn and master. However, they often come with a steep learning curve, which means you can spend hours just trying to get started. Rangeflow is the solution. With Rangeflow, you don’t have to waste time learning how to use complex tools. Instead, simply import your contacts, create your email template, and hit send.

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RangeFlow Pitchground

Zero Learning Curve​ – Prospect, collaborate, and get the most out of your Google Sheets. No confusing processes or tools to master.

Send Human-Like Emails Automatically​ – Nobody likes receiving emails from bots, and your recipients are no different. Rangeflow ques and sends emails from your Google Sheet one by one, just the way you’d send them manually.

Preview Your Email Before Sending​ – RangeFlow allows you to preview each email and make any last-minute changes before hitting the send button.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes​ – Avoid making the mistake of reaching out to the same prospect twice. Rangeflow automatically detects invalid and duplicate emails while filtering out any prospects previously contacted.

Write using Rangeflow:

It’s tough to write excellent email copy that converts. You need to target different market segments, A/B test your emails, and ensure they comply with regulations.

Writing excellent email copy is hard work. Targeting different market segments is time-consuming, and you never know if your emails comply with regulations.

RangeFlow makes it easy for you to write great email copy that converts. We help you target different market segments, A/B test your emails, and ensure they comply with regulations.

Create Templates Around Different Segments – Using RangeFlow, you can create email templates targeted to different market segments. This makes it easy for you to send super-targeted outreach and follow-up emails to your prospects.

A/B Test To Find Your Best Converting Emails – Write better email copy by making your cold emailing results more predictable. A/B test emails and measure your subject line, body, and follow-ups.

RangeFlow helps you manage your prospects within Gmail so you never lose track of a potential sale again. With automatic labeling, scanning, and organization of prospects, as well as intelligent follow-up reminders, RangeFlow ensures no opportunity is ever missed.

Track Prospects Within Gmail – Whenever you get a reply, it automatically labels the email according to its pipeline, stage, and segment. This time-saving feature helps you filter emails effectively and focus on doing what matters — sales.

Click Here to Buy RangeFlow Pitchground Lifetime Deal at $49

Scan Your Prospects’ Details In The Gmail Sidebar – With RangeFlow allowing you to view prospect details in Gmail, you instantly know all about your prospect, making it easy for you to reply.

Organize Prospects Within Your Inbox – From changing your prospect’s stage in the pipeline to set up follow-up reminders, RangeFlow gives you the power to organize your pipeline from your Gmail sidebar.

Rangeflow automatically keeps track of email opens, clicks, and replies so you can easily follow up at the right time. Plus, its unsubscribe feature makes it easy for prospects to leave your sequence without feeling harassed.

Track All Engagement: Email Opens, Replies, And Clicks – Keep track of your email opens in real-time and see when a prospect clicks and responds to your message.

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