Pitchground Lifetime: Email Protection WordPress Plugin Lifetime Deal for $35.00


Email Protection WordPress Plugin Pitchground: This Plugin protects the email addresses (displayed on your website) from detection and grabbing by web-crawlers. It allows you to display email addresses according to your custom preferences.

Shortcode Generator

The Plugin comes with the handy Shortcode Generator through which you can create unlimited number of shortcodes. Shortcodes allow you to insert any protected email into your posts/pages and into widgets in the sidebar. You can save your shortcodes in the Shortcode ListĀ for further use in other posts/pages or in widgets.

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Email Protection WordPress Plugin Pitchground

Font Manager

In addition to the built-in fonts you can upload your custom fonts. And then you can choose these uploaded fonts in the Plugin settings for displaying protected emails.

What problems does this Plugin solve?

We have noticed that email addresses are publicly available on many websites and they are not protected from grabbing by web-crawlers. You probably know that a lot of grabbers and web-crawlers scrape millions of websites every second to collect email addresses posted on these websites and then to send spam to these email addresses.

We have developed the Email Protection WordPress Plugin specifically to solve this problem. Our Plugin protects email addresses (displayed on the website) from detection and grabbing by web-crawlers. It allows to display email addresses according to custom preferences (control fonts choose font sizes and font colors). When using our Plugin there will be no email addresses in the source code of webpages because the Plugin converts the email address into a clickable image that opens the email client when clicked. So email addresses will be completely protected from detection and grabbing by web-crawlers.

Click Here to Buy Email Protection WordPress Plugin Lifetime Deal for $35.00

Flexible Customization

The flexible plugin settings allow you to customize the appearance of protected email addresses according to the style of your website your needs and preferences. You can select the font font size and font color for displaying protected email addresses. And you can configure these options for each content type separately. Also you can choose within which types of the content you would like to protect email addresses.

Live Preview

The Live Preview function will allow you to see how the email address looks in real time. Selecting the display settings you can check the email appearance directly in the admin panel without reloading a page (it is done thanks to Ajax).

TinyMCE Integration

The Plugin is integrated with the built-in WordPress editor TinyMCE. You can insert the protected email address into your post/page by clicking the special button on the top bar of the WordPress editor.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The Plugin is compatible with all popular browsers such as Chrome Firefox Opera Safari Edge Internet Explorer and mobile browsers (Android Browser Opera Mini, Chrome for Android, iOS Safari etc.).

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