Pitchground Lifetime: Mutant Mail Lifetime Deal for $57.99


Mutant Mail Pitchground: Mutant Mail is the perfect solution to simplify your email management. Mutant Mail is the only server-side solution to control all your domain emails in one place and is not an Email Client.

Imagine having 5 domains each having 5 email alias(admin support help legal contact). That’s 25 email IDs. Do we want to login into each mailbox to keep the domain persona?

So we made an email service where you can receive send and reply using one inbox. All you need to do is click reply on any email you received and the receiver will get a response from your domain’s email id.

Click Here to Buy Mutant Mail Lifetime Deal for $57.99

Mutant Mail Pitchground

You can attach all domains to Mutant Mail receive email on a destination inbox click on reply and email will be sent to the receiver using your domain’s email.

Though we have a lovely interface to manage everything we assure you won’t have to login into our system for your daily work. Everything can be done from the convenience of your Inbox.

Click Here to Buy Mutant Mail Lifetime Deal for $57.99

Mutant Mail has been built specifically as a solution to cater age old annoying problem.

A problem almost we all deal with on daily basis.

Keeping a tab on Multiple Email IDs across Multiple Domain’s.

No more logging into so many email ids.

No more need to remember every email id’s credential.

No more setting up every email id with pop/imap and what not.

No more going through a drop down menu to select email when replying and re-checking if you send from correct one.

The existing solution to manage multiple email ids across your domain’s is not scalable.

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