How to Play Fantasy Kabaddi?


You surely have heard about Dream 11; it’s India’s biggest fantasy sports provider online with a drastic growth rate and a continually increasing consumer base with over two crore sports fan. To play in Dream 11, all you need is your knowledge of sports and skills to implement that knowledge and you are done. You have the option of choosing real players for your team, and these players can be selected from any sport such as cricket, football, kabaddi, and NBA, etc.
You have to create your team from a maximum of 100 credit points. Your whole team earns points based on the performance of the player your team player in real-life matches. So, if you want to showcase your skills and use your knowledge of sports, this is the platform for it. Here are 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started if you are still wondering How to Play Fantasy Kabaddi:

Select a Match

To start with the whole scenario first, you need to choose a match from any of the Fantasy Kabaddi tournaments or competitions going on.

Create your Team

You get a credit score of 100 points, and you have to create your team out of these 100 which will require your knowledge and skills.

Join a Contest

Now you have to join a Dream 11 free or cash contest to win cash and ultimate exclusive prizes. This contest will let you know your potential and improvements in Dream 11.

Follow that Match

The following step is merely watching the match, which will help you track your scorecard that is updated in every 2 minutes.

Withdraw your Winnings

You can withdraw your winnings any time you want to via a simple one-step verification. And this verification is also there only for security purposes.

Management of your Team

  • There are some basic rules if you want to edit your team.
  • You can edit your team unlimited times 1 hour before the real-life match.
  • You can change the captain and vice-captain of your team without making any changes in the rest of your team.
  • It is essential to keep track of your team players. Keep looking at your player, who is playing and who is not playing to score maximum.

Balance Management

You can check the balance in your Dream 11 account along with withdrawing/deposits of money in your account. But before this, you need to verify your account linked with Dream 11 account. Don’t need to stress as this is only a one-time process and nothing which needs to be done again and again. Money balance in your account is categorized into three categories that are

Unutilized: Suppose you have added money in your account but haven’t joined any contest, in that case, the money is considered unutilized and you have to enter a contest to make use of it.

Winnings: This is the amount you get after winning matches or contests. This amount can be withdrawn any time after you have your account verification done.

Cash Bonus: This amount is given by Dream 11 itself and you cannot withdraw it but can use it to play contests.

So I hope this helps you in creating the best Fantasy Kabaddi team on Dream11!

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