Poloniex launched TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE President tokens


Popular crypto exchange Poloniex launched president tokens recently after FTX. Here is Poloniex’s press release,

We’re excited to celebrate the launch of TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE on Poloniex today! TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE are the first two listings to join our new Innovation Zone which allows you to discover the innovative assets we have available on Poloniex, like leveraged tokens, DeFi tokens, and more.

What are President tokens?

President tokens are ERC-20 tokens that will be redeemable for either $1 or $0 based on if Trump wins or loses the Presidential election. These markets act as tradeable prediction markets where the market price of TRUMPWIN should be roughly equal to the probability that Trump will win the election and the market price of TRUMPLOSE should be roughly equal to 1 minus that probability. TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE are based on the President 2020 Futures Contracts on FTX.

Starting now, you can deposit TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE and trade TRUMPWIN/USDT and TRUMPLOSE/USDT.


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