POSTOPLAN Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $39.00


POSTOPLAN Review: Free system for managing social networks and messaging apps. Fully free accounts with unlimited number of posts, not a trial version for 15/30 days. There are not only “standard” social networks, but also messaging apps. For all types of accounts free project creation is available. POSTOPLAN has user-friendly interface and design themes for comfortable work. Save from 50% on services for working with social networks – we dont sell tariff plans.

Distinctive features from other services for scheduled posting: the freemium model, the lack of tariff plans and a fundamentally new approach to values for users. With no time limits or limits on the number of users.



Buy POSTOPLAN Lifetime Deal for $39.00

POSTOPLAN is a platform that is used for managing social networks and messaging apps. This software serves as a unit of measure for the various social accounting platforms or on various other messaging applications. POSTOPLAN features effective scheduled posting which helps to stay updated on the happenings around the social platforms by you receiving notification updates for each scheduled post and message. This software eliminates the need to worry about the publication of a given post. Users can also schedule a posting as per their likes and requirements for increased output in results. Moreover, one can also get access to pre-prepared examples of scheduled posts, to make their task of content posting easier. The users also get an update on news hooks for every day to enable a swift and easy content creation. Lastly, one can also automate their messages on this platform, to be sent on a given time period.


  • Content Management
  • Analytics (Social Media)
  • Auto Publishing
  • Brand Tracking
  • Customer Engagement
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Posts Scheduling
  • Social Media Monitoring

Plan, publish, and manage content across social media platforms from one dashboard

Alternative to: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer

Communicate with customers across social platforms and messenger apps on the dashboard

Agencies can divide social accounts into different projects to keep things organized and easy to manage. From there, just use the post filter to find a specific post or message from any of the social media or messenger accounts connected to the platform.

POSTOPLAN offers a powerful photo editor, which means you can edit your social graphics from the same platform that you use to schedule and post them. In addition to the regular graphics editor, you can also use the step-by-step constructor that allows you to add elements like text or banners to your images.

With a unified inbox, you can read and respond to any messages you receive on Facebook as quickly and efficiently as a teenager texting their crush. Users can also respond to comments and brand mentions on their Facebook accounts.

Get Appsumo POSTOPLAN in the Deal for $39.00

POSTOPLAN is the first platform to create an automated scheduling function for WhatsApp posting. Now that’s what’s up. Users can also post in groups or channels on Telegram and update Google My Business account—all from the POSTOPLAN dashboard.

Point is, when you’ve run out of good content ideas, POSTPLAN picks up the slack and offers content suggestions from a bank of over 700 post ideas. Jumping between individual social media channels is about as efficient as eating sandwich ingredients separately. Like a delicious panini, POSTOPLAN brings together everything you could want in one convenient place.

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