How to protect critical data with encrypted disk image on Mac


So many Mac users are concerned about the data being exploited and many of the users want to protect critical data on their Mac devices. This tutorial explains how to protect the critical data by creating the encrypted disk image.

How to protect critical data with encrypted disk image on Mac

  • Open Applications/utilities and launch Disk utility from there and in the File menu select New >New Disk image.
  • It will display a window and enter a name in the save as field which is used for disk image (.dmg) file from then. If you are storing crucial and sensitive data, so it would be better if you choose insipid and non-descriptive name.
  • Choose the location where you need to save the image file from Where drop down menu.
  • Define the size of the image file, which should be large enough to hold more data. You can do it from size drop down menu.
  • From encryption drop down list, select AES-128. You must pick this otherwise image you have created will not be encrypted.
  • Make the default format for created image read/write and click on create.
  • After you hit on create a new dialog box will open and here enter secure password. If you click on key icon then it will show password strength.
  • Don’t forget to uncheck the box beside to remember password and click OK.

That’s it encrypted disk image file has been created and the .dmg file will be saved on the location you have specified.

How to use Encrypted disk image

  • To use this .dmg file double click on it.
  • It will open a dialog box and enter the password which you have created and click OK. Do not check “Remember Password” checkbox.
  • Now you will see the disk icon that appears on your desktop and double click on above desktop icon and it will display the content you saved.
  • You can use this as normal storage drive like creating, saving, opening file on it.
  • After completing the work on it drag the volume desktop icon to Trash and it will eject.

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