How to protect iPhone data with privacy controls built in to iOS 11


As More companies and services are leveraging user data to greater extents, its becoming more and more important to be aware of your privacy preferences and how you can make sure your iPhone settings are in alignment, whether it’s been a little while since you have checked out your privacy setting or you have never looked under the hood, follow along to make sure everything is set to your likings.

With apps like MoviePass to social media and everything in between looking to capitalize on your data, its important to know what your personal privacy preferences are and how to adjust your iPhone to Match.

Apple provides robust controls of how your data is used right with within iOS setting.

How to protect your iPhone data with privacy controls in iOS 11

  1. Open settings and swipe down to find privacy.
  2. Location services is the main place to find and adjust preferences for individuals apps.
  3. After tapping on location services check out what privileges each app has.
  4. Its often helpful to look for apps that are set to Always and work from there.
  5. Most apps will offer never, while using and always.
  6. Apple requires developers to describe what apps do with location data, look for this just below the while using or Always options to help make your decision.

You can also change which devices you are sharing your location from and delete any old or unnecessary devices by swiping from right to left.

System Services: head to the bottom of location services setting page to find system services. You can customize all of the settings for how your iPhone or iPad users location data save mode.

You will also find the toggles for sharing your location data to improve apple products here.

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