Pushbullet adds end to end encryption for SMS and more


Pushbullet is an application which allows you to give reply to notifications and messages on your phone from your computer and now offers end to end encryption for added security with this the information that is being transferred between your phone and computer which is fully encrypted until it is received on the other end.

All the other features will work still work with the new security measures, offering you safer and more secure notification mirroring, SMS and universal copy and paste.

End to end encryption means the data is encrypted before it leaves the device and isn’t decrypted after it is received by the another device. By setting up end-to-end encryption, you can be confident that your data is only readable when it’s shown.

Setting up end-to-end encryption is easy. All you need to do is pick a password and enter it on each device. We use this password to derive a key that’s used to encrypt your data. Your password isn’t stored and it’s important that we don’t know what it is, so you’ll need to do this manually for each device you have.

To enter the password you need to launch the settings screen of each of your applications and the new setting is labelled end to end encryption.

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