R Kelly songs removed from playlist at Apple Music following allegations against the singer


After Spotify, Apple seems to have followed the same footsteps of not promoting songs of R.Kelly actively in Apple Music given that the singer faces assault and sexual misconduct allegations.

It has been a recent development that according to the policies of the company, the songs of R.Kelly would no longer be promoted as its new policy sites being against ‘hate content and hateful conduct’.

Though the songs would not be entirely put out of the system but however the songs of the artist would not be actively promoted. Given that the censorship is not a valid option for the company as the words and the creation of the song is entirely that of the artist, but content deemed inappropriate would not be promoted actively. Though in both Kelly’s songs do not feature in the playlists yet we see that his posters of the albums of his are still present.

But however Apple Music pertaining to the same issue do not share the same stringent issue and however we see that in a few of the playlists, Kelly’s songs do appear.

But the other end of the story from singer Kelly and his management claim that any allegations that have been brought up and has lead to such removal of his songs from the playlist are false and are not what reality is, rather they claim it as recent developments that have an objective of eroding his repute

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