Recode 100 list ranks Tim Cook as 5th best executive globally

Tim Cook has been ranked as 5th best executive globally in Tech, Business and media by Recode 100 list for his contribution to AR and social issues.


A few hours ago, Recode shared the list of top 100 executives globally in tech, media, and business for 2017. Jeff Bezos of Amazon topped the list with Susan Fowler (the lady who exposed inner-culture of Uber), taking the second spot. Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor, and Ronan Farrow were jointly on the third position for exposing Harvey Weinstein’ssexual assault over the years.

Mark Zuckerberg was ranked at number 4 for changing the way news is delivered to social media users and on top of that, he and facebook made a lot of money doing that. Tim Cook got the 5th position on the list with a remark by Recode that he is officially underrated and needs much more recognition and exposure than he currently gets.

The report highlights the good year Apple has had under the leadership of Tim Cook. The sales projections for this year show Apple touching $232 Billion in sales. The figure is $20 Billion more than what Apple had collected in 2016. Along with sales projection, the report also points out work in Augmented Reality and Apple Watch under Tim Cook.

A part of the report states

The Apple Watch, the first major new product launched under the Cook era, has quietly become a big hit. AirPods are amazing and exciting. Together, they form a wearable computer lineup that has many interesting applications, notably fitness and medicine.

Cook and company are also setting Apple up to succeed in augmented reality — where real life and computer graphics are mixed— which many see as one of the next big technology waves.

The report has also praised Tim Cook for his stance on a number of issues including equality, immigration, climate change and education. Also, the growing number of social appearances of Tim Cook has been highlighted in the report.

The final note for the Apple CEO includes

But beyond the occasional little problem — HomePod speaker delay, embarrassing software bugs, admitting the Mac Pro needed a rethink — Apple has had a pretty great year, even by Apple’s standards.

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