How to record FaceTime call on iPhone, iPad using Quicktime Player


FaceTime has made it incredibly easier to keep in touch with your loved ones. The simplicity and immediacy of the app has made it one of the most used application in our household especially because we live overseas and don’t get to see our family in person very often.

FaceTime conversations are ephemeral though. As soon as you hang up, that moment spent with friends and family is gone forever, except in your minds where memories of that conversation may live on for a few days, and they slowly fade away.

If you want to keep a recording of specific conversations, we are going to show how you can record FaceTime calls on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

How to record FaceTime calls / conversation on iPhone and iPad:

1) plug your iPhone into your Mac using the USB to lightning cable. Make sure your device is unlocked and the Homescreen is available.

2) launch the QuickTime app on your Mac.

3) with QuickTime as the active app, go to file > new movie recording.

4) In the Window that appears, click on the arrow down button and make sure to select iPhone under the Camera Section. By doing this, we are actually telling QuickTime to record what is the happening on the screen of your iPhone.

5) Click on the red recording button in QuickTime, then start your FaceTime call.

6) When you are done with the call, hang up, then click the same button to stop the recording. Your FaceTime recording will be available immediately. Simply go to file > Save in order to save the recording to your computer.

This is it. Using this simple method, you can record and save your facetime call. The full video will be available on your mac and you can save and share it with the contacts later.

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