Red Dot Camera app available on App Store for free of cost


Red dot camera app is one of the popular photography application which is available on App Store. This version of the app is called Red Dot Camera Free, and offers the same features as the paid version application.

The Good news about the free version of the app is that it contains the same features as the paid version, making it even better than before. Let us see, what are the features available in this Red Dot Camera app.

Features includes in Red Dot Camera app :

  • Retro-style rangefinder with magnified center.
  • Manual ISO control for sharper images.
  • Manual shutter speed control for longer exposures.
  • Frame lines of 28, 35, or 50 mm.
  • Self-timer with three countdown settings.
  • Black and white mode for traditional shots.


For both the professional and beginners photographers, this application is good for those that are looking for vintage/retro pictures with a lot of customization. The app gives users great flexibility and manual settings to adjust, which is very handy.

Right now this application is available on Apple App Store and interested candidates can get this application from Apple App Store for free of cost.

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