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Reddit launches new iOS app with updated moderation features

reddit for iOS

Reddit has launched its latest iOS app with a number of upgrades. The new app now offers better moderation and communication features. According to the official statement by the company, the new features are inspired by the feedback received from the users.

One of the major chages in the app after updating is in moderation experience. Reddit has introduced moderation mode,  moderation queue, Modmail 2 and Moderation management on the mobile app. These features were earlier available only on the website.

For the normal users, Reddit has also introduced theatre mode focussing on the content

While much of the magic of Reddit is in the comments and text-based discussions, Reddit is also home to some of the best visual content on the internet—from viral videos and humorous reaction gifs to original nature photography and pictures of evil buildings. Now, redditors can use theater mode to get a visual-first experience of their favorite communities.

Another feature in the app now includes live updation of comments so that the users can participate in real-time discussions with their contacts or other people active on reddit. Another thing, the links now open in safari browser, giving a better experience to the users compared to earlier version, where the links opened in an in-app browser. The safari integration and chat option are introduced for the first time in iOS app.