How to reduce file size of a PDF file on Mac


Portable Document Format, or PDF for short, is a standout amongst the most omnipresent record designs that is all around embraced crosswise over stages. A PDF made on a Windows PC will be effortlessly opened and even altered on a Mac, for instance. That by itself makes it a standout amongst the most utilized and most helpful document designs.

On Mac, you can undoubtedly make a PDF without the need of extra programming, something I for one utilize frequently. While the procedure is snappy and straightforward, it needs customization alternatives, particularly about the quality, and by expansion the document measure, of the PDF created.

In these cases, you may wind up a with an extensive PDF document weighting a few MB. Obviously, the better the nature of the archive, the heavier the document will wind up being.

There are occurrences where quality issues more than document estimate, however in many events, you’ll likely need to wind up with a littler record measure which will make it less demanding to email, for instance. Gratefully, there is a generally obscure element on your Mac that enables you to take a current PDF document and pack it to decrease its size.

In this instructional exercise, I will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to pack and lessen the document size of a PDF on a Mac by utilizing the Preview application.

Step by step instructions to pack a PDF on Mac

For this instructional exercise, I downloaded an example PDF that tips the scales at 105 MB. This is an entirely extensive record that numerous email administrations wouldn’t enable you to send to somebody. We’ll perceive how much the document estimate lessening process helps toward the finish of the procedure.

1) On your Mac, double-click on the PDF file you want to compress to open it. By default, it should open with Preview. If not, make sure you do open that file with Preview.

2) In the menu bar, click on File, then click on Export…

3) Click on the Quartz Filter dropdown menu.

4) Select Reduce File Size, the click Save. The compressed PDF file will be saved to your computer.

Sadly, you don’t have any control over the pressure level. As a rule, you likely won’t think about that, however in the event that that is something you truly need to modify, at that point you should investigate more proficient outsider applications, for example, PDF Expert.

Results: My 105 MB document was compacted and diminished to just 3.2 MB, which speaks to a lessening of around 97% in measure. Albeit a few pictures inside the archive have obviously lost their sharpness, the content contained in the record looks similarly as sharp in the packed form as it does in the first one.

Your mileage will enormously fluctuate contingent upon the first document, what it contains, and what your Mac can adequately pack inside that record, yet by and large, you will wind up with a document significantly decreased in estimate.

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