Reeder 3 gets public beta for Mac device


After many days of its original announcement, Mac RSS app Reeder 3 has made an appearance in the form of a public beta. Reeder 3, which will be available as a free update for Reeder 2 owners, features an updated interface, including a transparent sidebar, and an overall look more in tune with OS X Yosemite.

In addition the new interface, Reeder 3 features a number of useful updates, like unread and starred counts for your smart folders, private browsing support, and full screen support for minimized layout mode. The app has added full support for Instapaper for saving articles to read later, and more features from your favorite RSS services are now supported.

Keep in mind that while this is available publicly, this is beta software. As such, it’s incomplete and things may be missing, or not work properly, and you may want to hold off until the official launch. Also note that because this is a beta release, many things could change by the time of the final launch. Lets us see what are the new things in this beta version when compares with previous versions.

  • we will find more themes.
  • User Interface of the software also improved.
  • Unread and starred counts for smart folders.
  • Hide smart folders in unread/starred view if there are no unread/starred items.
  • Supports Private browsing
  • Display the URL in the status bar when hovering a link in the article viewer or browser
  • New article viewer display settings: separate font and upper case options for the title
  • In this version full screen also works when in minimized layout mode.

Currently interested candidates can get the beta Reeder 3 public beta.

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