Relief for Apple as China sees 32% sales growth of iPhone X


Amidst the hollowness regarding the not great sales for the iPhone X in the markets worldwide, it comes as a welcome relief for Apple that amidst the bleak market growth, in China Apple has registered a 32% growth in the sales of its iPhone X. At least some reports and data do suggest the iPhone X has put up a decently strong performance.

However, the performance was scattered in some manner given that the lower end and muffle tire budget vendors didn’t register an impressive performance. Also the sales that led to the overall 32% growth were because the customers were lured by the design of the iPhone, which was quite an innovation.

The brighter side of the story though is that Apple has managed to compete with the home grown Xiaomi and could possible keep its sales intact and certainly registering a growth. Although Xioami has been putting up promotion activities to boost growth, Apple has managed to stay ahead of them. Also inspite of less promotion activities by Apple, the demand for iPhone in China has remained quite good.

And given that initially, the design of iPhone X was mocked at by the experts who had criticized it as not such a great change was the prime factor that helped accumulate the sales in Chinese markets.

The better news however is though that the sales for the other product of Apple Is yet to kick off given that the Chinese are yet to embrace the iPad and also driving the growth for the same. Also the analysis says that China has a huge number of customers who are already using the Apple products and are yet to upgrade to latest offering, which would surely convert to sales of the Apple products.

Thus, the staggering sales in the Chinese market is a good news given that iPhone X surely brought forth a happy moment amidst the repercussions that is faced.

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