How to remove phone number from iMessage


In some cases like, you have switched from iPhone to some other phones running on Android, Windows or other platforms, you may no receive text message. The reason could be the that your phone number is still registered with iOS’s iMessage.

In this case, to deregister your phone number with iMessage service Apple has an online tool which help you to get SMS/MMS working properly on your new phone. Here is the procedure for how to do that.

How to remove phone number from iMessage

  • Navigate to on your web browser
  • Search for second section No longer have your iPhone? by scrolling down
  • Here enter your phone number which you want to deactivate from iMessage and then click on send code
  • Now you phone will receive a text message with a code and enter that code
  • After entering code you will receive confirmation message stating that your phone number has been deactivated

If you want to reactivate your phone again in future if you switch back to iPhone, then here is the tip. All you need to do is turn iMessage back in settings.

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